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Welcome to the website of Michael Organ, former Australian Greens federal Member for Cunningham (19 October 2002 and 8 October 2004). This site contains a copy of all Michael’s parliamentary contributions (speeches, questions and motions) along with media releases and supplementary information. See also the Illawarra Greens site for information on the current 2007 federal election campaign.

Michael’s personal web site contains links to his publications and research interests

What is a Teatox?

What is a Teatox?
Juice cleanses have dominated the pages of health and lifestyle magazines for a few years, but now there is a new health detox trend on the scene. Teatoxes, or tea detoxes as they are also commonly known, are becoming a quite popular replacement for people who cannot quite get on board with the all liquid diet and questionable taste of juice cleanses.

While the specifics of each teatox may vary, generally a teatox involves drinking a variety of herbal tea in the morning and possibly throughout the day. Most teatoxes also include a type of colon cleansing tea, which is typically ingested near bed time, to promote digestion and elimination of toxins in the colon and bloodstream. Aside from the many benefits of drinking herbal tea, including increased intake of antioxidants, improved stress management and better circulation, teatoxes are specifically designed to help aid in weight loss and overall health.

In addition to increasing the amount of hydration you will have over the course of the teatox from revivemetea period, drinking these specially formulated herbal teas also helps fight off hunger pangs during the day. It is commonly understood that hunger can be equated with thirst, so ingesting calorie-free liquid in place of a snack during the day can help save extra calories and keep the body hydrated.

At the conclusion of a teatox regimen, tea drinkers report feeling refreshed and revitalized. There are common reports of improved skin coloring and the disappearance of unsightly blemishes. While weight loss is typically one of the desired results from a teatox program, this is most commonly experienced when the teatox is combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. It is typically recommended that participants in a teatox avoid drinking other sugary drinks or consuming high amounts of carbs and sugar during the teatox program.

A Look into Outsourced IT Support Melbourne

A Look into Outsourced IT Support Melbourne

As an entrepreneur, making a decision between in-house vs. outsourcing IT support Melbourne may turn out difficult and timely. At the end of the day, you want to select a way that would be most effective to maintain your IT system and end-users. The tricky part is knowing the option that will be most operational for your firm.

Outsourcing basically involves contracting a function of the business to an external provider. For IT support Melbourne, the function of the business is managed services. Businesses in the current world depend heavily on modern technology and computers. The more we have come to integrate computers into the processes of business, the more we have formed a tendency to be dependent on them. From support to sales, accounting to manufacturing, technology has to be employed in order to make business processes easier and simpler to manage. Nevertheless, we need to ensure these processes are obtainable.

In order to ensure availability of these systems, IT support Melbourne is required regardless of if it is in-house or outsourced. Though the idea of in-house team may appear convenient, only a few people are specialists in all fields and available throughout. In addition, getting in-house staff with the appropriate knowledge in all related fields, may turn out to be quite expensive to maintain them. Outsourcing services on IT Switch IT support may turn out a favorable solution.

Your IT support Melbourne will allow you to reap greatly from their advanced knowledge base. The outsourced IT support will ensure network performance is highly improved. This is because the technicians provide a higher accountability in their quest to look for long-term relationships with their clients. Outsourcing IT support Melbourne may also lead to reduction of risks as they are well trained and certified. They also observe strict attention on their work since they are much easier to sue for negligence than an in-house technician.

Use of Promotional USB as a Marketing Strategy

Use of Promotional USB as a Marketing Strategy

Advertising is the most important factor influencing the success of any business. Advertising helps companies market their goods and services by raising awareness to the wider public. This has led to the heavy investment in the marketing sector by companies all over the globe. The marketing industry has thus rapidly expanded, leading to the increase in demand for new and unique ways of advertising.

Today, digital alternatives for storing data have been greatly sort after. This is due to the rapid advances in technology that have changed the way people transact with each other. Most people store and transmit information in digital form. This has led to the increasing demand for more portable and readily available forms of data storage such as USB devices. The marketing industry has in turn sort out for digital device advertisement such as the use of branded promotion USB devices.

A Branded Promotional USB is any USB device at http://www.promotionalusbdrive.com.au/ that is branded with a company logo for the purpose of marketing. This form of advertising has become common in the advertising industry, as well as the use of other portable storage devices such as SSDs and traditional HDDs. Companies mainly invest in promotional USB advertising by either producing and offering their line of devices or via financing of the production process of such devices by third parties.

Branded USB devices can be packaged in a specific design that suits the taste of a certain group people, helping target a specific market for the company. The increased investment in this form of advertisement has seen the increase in availability of USB devices at affordable prices. This venture has also promoted the set-up of USB production and distribution firms by the provision of production and distribution funds to infant businesses that are unable to raise such capital on their own. This has in turn resulted in the creation of various job opportunities for the public.

It’s evident that there are numerous advantages resulting from the use of promotional USB devices for marketing. Promotional USBs are a cheap but efficient alternative for marketing that helps improve the economy through job creation.

What you can Learn From a Digital Marketing agency in Melbourne

What you can Learn From a Digital Marketing agency in Melbourne

Business in every aspect is sophisticated and requires proper planning and execution. This calls for professionalism and utilization of tools that can enhance the realization of one’s goals. The modern world has been presented with efficient tools that make running a business easier. Most experts will agree that the advent of the internet came as a breakthrough for most small businesses. It is now easier to reach clients in different markets through digital marketing. However, as simple as it sounds, digital marketing requires professional intervention. This is something one can achieve after hiring a GMG Digital: digital marketing agency Melbourne. 

Online marketing has presented business people with an affordable option that can help them promote their products more efficiently. This has been made easier by the fact that the online arena offers the biggest market and probably the most responsive client base. For most investors, hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne comes as a primary goal because they understand the need to keep up with competition. 

It is also necessary to come up with a marketing procedure that allows the investor to save on their overall expenditure for marketing. This is exactly what hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne offers. The companies are able to offer a variety of packages from which investors can choose the best that suits their business. Marketing firms offer rates that are friendly for both large and small businesses, so it is one of the best media for one to market their business while saving on expenditure. 

On matters regarding the realization of the laid plans, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne allows you to experience benefits within a short period of time. You can start receiving more traffic in as little as three weeks after getting the plan implemented. In most cases, business people have enjoyed more conversion rate, meaning a higher level of sales revenue is generated due to the benefits that come with a proper marketing plan.