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Copies of postcards portraying images and artworks from Fritz Lang’s 1924 two-part film dealing with the Nibelungen saga. Walter Barnsdale’s Moving Pictures, United States, early 1900s. Brief history and listing of known posters and ephemera relating to Walter Barnsdale of Wisconsin. Variety 1925. Information regarding the Australian release of the German film Variety – directed by E.A. Dupont and starring Emil Jannings and Lya de Putti. Alice in Wonderland on film. List of cinema, television and video presentations from 1903 onwards. 4. Austrian Naval History & the Frigate SMS Novara SMS Novara – Home Page. Introductory page to the Novara web site. Contains links to all related pages, as listed below. SMS Novara -“the most magnificent vessel”. An account of the history of the Austrian frigate Novara and its role as a flagship of the Habsburg fleet during the mid’ nineteenth century. Narrative of the Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara. An extract from Karl Scherzer’s published account of the voyage, specifically pertaining to Australia, and the Sydney visit. The Journal of Karl Scherzer. An English translation by Mrs. Dymphna Clark of the Australian section of the original manuscript journal of Dr. Karl Scherzer, at present housed in the Mitchell Library Collection, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. ‘On Unlocking a Time-warp’: The Novara in Sydney November-December 1858′. Copy of a 1985 article by the late John Fletcher, dealing with the various manuscript and published materials detailing aspects of the Novara’s visit to Sydney during 1858. Georg Ritter von Frauenfeld’s ‘Notes, collected during my stay in New Holland …. upon the voyage of His Majesty’s frigate Novara [1858]’. A translation from the German of Frauenfeld’s zoological notes taken during a visit to New South Wales in November 1858. Frauenfeld was official zoologist and collector of natural history specimens for the Austrian Novara round-the-world scientific expedition of 1857-9. During his time in Australia he travelled to Illawarra, Newcastle, and about Sydney, collecting specimens and information on the local flora and fauna. Joseph Selleny – An Austrian Artist in Australia 1858. Article and catalogue of works describing the visit to Australia by Austrian artist Joseph Selleny during November-December 1858 in connection with the Novara expedition. The Battle of Lissa 1866. This sea battle was the first such engagement on the open seas between modern ironclad fleets. It involved the Austrian and Italian navies, and took place off the Adriatic island of Lissa on 20 July 1866. The Lissa site includes: Bibliography – this brings together German, Italian, French and English-language material on the battle and on the various individuals involved, including the victorious Admiral Tegetthoff (Austrian) and the unfortunate Admiral Persano (Italian). Images – a listing of images of the sea battle of Lissa, along with related ships, individuals and localities. Ferdinand Maximillian von Habsburg and Carlotta of Mexico – A Bibliography. Maximillian was involved in the building up of the Austrian navy during the 1850s and 1860s; in the round-the-world scientific expedition of the frigate Novara between 1857-59; and in an ill-fated attempt to install a European monarchy on the throne in Mexico. The latter resulted in his execution by firing squad during 1867.