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The Wollongong City Council elections on 3 September 2011 offer residents an historic opportunity to revitalise their City and reclaim their local government.

As a resident since birth, my vision is for Wollongong's return it to its rightful place as one of the most exciting, innovative and beautiful regional centres in Australia.

We have the spectacular natural environment, we have the people, we have the facilities - we just need leadership and a Council we can trust - the energy and enthusiasm of residents will do the rest.

The polluted plumes of progress and grey clouds of corruption are behind us, as we move into a new era where Wollongong City Council serves the local community first and foremost.

Put People First in 2011!

What we want from Council is honesty, integrity and leadership in the delivery of services, maintainance of infrastructure, re-energising of the cultural life of the City, protection of our cultural and environmental heritage, creation of sustainable employment opportunities and facilitation of quality development. Nothing less will suffice.

My Platform for Change 2011 outlines a range of tasks facing the new Council if it is to salvage its reputation and once again be looked upon with pride by local residents.

I am proud to be standing as the lord mayoral candidate with Community Voice, a group of local residents who believe in democracy and the need for community to direct the actions of council.

Michael Organ

Community Voice 6 August 2011.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the ongoing campaign to restore the City of Wollongong to its rightful place as one of the most innovative, exciting and beautiful cities in Australia, please contact Michael Organ - email: snappa22@gmail.com | mobile: 0468 548 709.

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