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The Wollongong Dharma Collective was formed at the beginning of 2005 to assist with the promotion of issues and cultural events pertaining to Tibet and the practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Australia. It has engaged in a number of activities since then, whilst individual members continue to support His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Free Tibet movement. The driving force behind the formation of the Wollongong Dharma Collection was Ms. Ariane Lewis (1980-2007). The ongoing work of the Collective is dedicated to her memory.

The Australian Year of Tibet was celebrated in February 2006 in Wollongong with the staging of the two-week long Tibetfest06. It was organised by the Wollongong Dharma Collective and presented a number of events, including the creation of a sand mandala by monks from the Namgyal Monastery, India; an exhibition of artworks by Tibetan-Australian artist Karma Phunstok at Project Gallery; the Seven Paths to Tibet photograph exhibition at The Old Courthouse in Belmore Basin;, public teachings; a political forum and meditations. Tibetfest06 was a great success in raising awareness of political, cultural and spiritual issues concerning Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism.

One of the most positive outcomes of Tibetfest06 was the inspiration and practical assistance it provided Smith's Hill High School, Wollongong, in their staging of the 'Tibet - the Roof of the World' Rock Eisteddfod performance during July-September 2006. The 8 minute long music and dance performance, involving more that 100 students, was presented at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre before a crowd of some 5,000 people and also at the Sydney Entertainment Centre before an audience of 9,000+. During October the school was announced as 2nd place winners in the national competition - a wonderful result for this brave and moving performance.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the ongoing campaign to Free Tibet and join the Wollongong Dharma Collective, we are interested in hearing from you. For further information please contact Michael Organ email: snappa22@southernphone.com.au or mobile 0439 442 550.

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